In these changing times of uncertainty, the only thing constant and consistent is technology. Today, technology is everywhere and surrounds our life 24/7 and in this era of technology revolution data is the new oil.

From advertising to exams, jobs and selection it is imperative to understand how industries in general will survive this new data driven world.

Do you know how AI technology works?

If you are curious about AI and ML and how they work, then why stop at just understanding them? Learn how to build them . This course will not just enable you to understand AI/ML as technologies but also teach you build using them on your own.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
Industry Growth

The AI market value is expected to reach $169,411.8 million by 2025
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AI To Create 58 Million New Jobs By 2022
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Program Details

Applied AI/ML Professional Program – 90 Hrs
  • Introduction to ML
  • Data Cleaning and preprocessing
  • Build beautiful charts, graphs and plots in minutes
  • Accessing data from various sources
  • Basic statistical analysis
  • Build your first ML model
  • Basics of docker
  • Dockerizing models
  • API design and creation
  • Model deployment and testing
AI/ML Production Specialist Program – 60 Hrs
  • Advanced statistical analysis
  • CART based models with boosting
  • End 2 end development to production of ML models
    (Model development lifecycle)
  • Advanced visualization development, how to design a plot
  • Develop models using Keras / tensoflow
  • Introduction to CNNs, RNNs, LSTMs, Auto encoders
  • Redefining a problem to solve it using AI/ML

Technologies Covered In Course

Python with most important data processing packages
Basics of Keras / Tensorflow
Any Big Data Technology according to project requirements
  • 3 complete group projects.
    • 1 mini project or hackathon on NLP
    • 1 mini project or hackathon on conventional prediction or clustering
    • 1 project ideally based on requirements of an NGO
  • One of the hackathons would be on Kaggle
  • All algorithms explained using a solved usecase in the industry as an example of how these techniques are employed in the real world

Realworld usecase driven teaching

Session Delivery style:

  • PreRead article based on famous business usecases
  • Demonstration of ML technique in realworld business scenario
  • Small lecture on review of the ML technique
  • Practical implementation of the technique in class
  • Callback to the Demonstration

What Industry Says



Machine Learning Engineer


Data Scientist


AI Architect


Business Analyst


Product Analyst