In this time of high paced change and uncertainty, the only thing constant and consistent is our use of technology. With technology surrounding everywhere and occupying our time 24×7, data has become the new oil. This era in the industry is called the data revolution.

Do you know how this technology is made. It has become imperative to understand how machines learn thing, not just to survive in the industry but in general to survive in this world of data driven offer, advertising, exams, jobs and selections.

If you are curious about these technologies and how they work, why stop at just understanding them, why not build them to not just survive but be the next change the world will see. This course enables you to not just understand these next generation technologies but also to build your own.

Program Objective

  • Develop AI/ML deployment expertise in working professionals to derive business value from advanced analytics projects.
  • Offer a comprehensive guide to take your analytics projects from design to deployment in defined timelines.
  • Balanced curriculum between theory and practical implementations to aid and manage strategic innovation.
  • Learn to derive business value from digital footprints
  • A course for doers rather than theorizers

Program Details

  • Introduction to ML
  • Data Cleaning and preprocessing
  • Build beautiful charts, graphs and plots in minutes
  • Accessing data from various sources
  • Basic statistical analysis
  • Build your first ML model
  • Basics of docker
  • Dockerizing models
  • API design and creation
  • Model deployment and testing
  • Advanced statistical analysis
  • CART based models with boosting
  • End 2 end development to production of ML models
    (Model development lifecycle)
  • Advanced visualization development, how to design a plot
  • Develop models using Keras / tensoflow
  • Introduction to CNNs, RNNs, LSTMs, Auto encoders
  • Redefining a problem to solve it using AI/ML

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