About the Course

This is a flexible comprehensive 183 hours blended mode learning program for IT professionals with prior programming skills. Deep dive into Blockchain technology and its applications and leverages EMURGO Global’s treasure trove of knowledge and in-house experts delivered through a synergistic platform. This course provides a stage to showcase innovative ideas on global forums through international conferences & gives opportunities to further ideas on an entrepreneurial path through accelerator programs.

Course Outline:

Level 1- Foundation of Blockchain

What is Blockchain, where is it applicable? Cryptography, Bitcoin Design, Cryptocurrencies, Consensus Algorithms, Underlying Technology, Smart Contracts, Tokens & Oracles, DApp, DAO, Crypto-Investments- Risks & Government Regulations, Types of blockchain, Future of Blockchains, Synergies with other disruptive technologies, Use cases with analysis and design.

Level 2 – Ethereum

Ethereum Network, Wallets, Toolchain, Setup of a Private Node, Remix IDE, Truffle/Web3JS, Understanding Gas, Solidity in depth, Embark Framework, DApp, Token Standards, Upgradable & Secure Contracts, Design Patterns, Security Considerations, Unit Testing, Security Analysis Tools, Ethereum 2.0 overview.

Level 3 – Hyperledger Fabric

Enterprise Blockchain, Tools, Hyperledger Fabric Architecture, Strengths & Advantages, Transaction Flow, Governance, GoLang overview, Environment Setup, Installation, Consensus, System Components, Chaincode, Client Application, Solution Implementations, Use Cases, Creating a Network, Data Confidentiality & Sharing, DApp Design & Deployment, Advanced Engineering, MSP, ACL, TLS, Kafka, Security, Threats & Mitigation.

Level 4 – Cardano

Introduction, the 4 pillars of Cardano, Roadmap, Brief History, How Cardano Works?, Proof of Stake, Common Attack Patterns & Limitations, Interoperability, Scalability, Sustainability

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