EMURGO Presents Online LIVE Blockchain Program!

Spend 2 hours a day with our experts through Live in person online sessions and become proficient in Blockchain by the time you get back to your office.
*Weekend Classes

Option 1:
16th MAY, 2020
7 PM – 9 PM IST

Option 2:
31st MAY, 2020
11 AM – 1 PM IST

Why Us??

  • EMURGO is the Official Commercial Arm of Cardano- 3rd Generation Blockchain Technology.
  • EMURGO Certified Digital Badge Certification
  • Completely Live Online Sessions
  • Real Time Use Cases Analysis
  • Real Time Projects
  • CXO Sessions
  • Design & Architecture of Blockchain
  • Learn Strong Foundational Concepts
  • Special Pricing
  • Open for Individuals who are Looking to Up-skill Themselves in the Emerging Technologies
  • On Completion of the Foundation Program you are Eligible for Our Full Track Program.

Program Objective

  • 80 Hours of Researched, thought through & well-crafted curriculum that suits the working professionals as well what markets needs
  • Introduction to blockchain technology from a design and development perspective
  • In depth understanding of Ethereum and hands on development of smart contracts
  • Hands on experiences right from Concepts, Design, Development, testing, and all Security aspects

Program Outcome

  • After completion of this course, you will be able to understand applications of blockchains. The student will understand the technological internals of blockchain systems, how they are implemented and understand how to design blockchain solutions in the best way possible.
  • Complete expertise required to be an Ethereum Blockchain developer with real time D-Apps experience

Overview of program details

  • Introduction to Blockchain as a technology
  • Cryptography & Consensus Algorithms In-depth
  • Design of Decentralized Applications (DApps), DAOs and more
  • Challenges in Blockchain
  • Security and Design fundamentals
  • Future of Blockchain
  • Use case Analysis of cutting edge blockchain solutions
  • Analysis & Design of decentralized solutions

Introduction to Ethereum

  • History, Concept and design of Ethereum

Basics of Ethereum

  • Understanding network architecture
  • Basic concepts of Ethereum
  • Setup of development environment
  • Toolchain Configuration

Programming the Ethereum Blockchain

  • Smart Contract Development
  • Rapid Development using tools
  • Debugging
  • Token design and implementation
  • Design patterns, SW engineering best practices
  • Understanding security implications


Understanding current scenario

  • Limitations in Ethereum

Future of Ethereum

  • Enterprise Ethereum, Sharding, Proof Of Stake

Project work

  • Live Project with specs, mentorship.

Unique Features of EMURGO Academy

Synchronized Learning Platform [ SLP ] – A one-stop solution to track the entire progress of our learner right from registration to certification. Learners have access to:

  • Live online training sessions led by our expert faculty
  • Session schedule
  • Training materials (Presentations, Handbook and Recorded Training videos)
  • Reference material from reputed publishers like Packt Publishers
  • Online Assessments and assignments
  • Certifications

Experiential Learning – Curriculum devised under the guidance of CTOs/ Business heads
Mentoring by CXOs and real time projects.
EMURGO Global Advantage – Internationally aligned curriculum, global faculty, R&D advantage

Following the completion of the Ethereum module, if you so choose, you are eligible to take on a more developer-oriented curriculum, namely in our Hyperledger Fabric & modules of emerging protocols.

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