In the digital age of online learning, we strongly believe in retaining the advantages of a classroom environment, making the most of peer learning while paying extra attention to resolving individual queries. Our trainers are seasoned Blockchain experts who will share their experiences along with the best practices followed by the industry globally.

EMURGO Academy will leverage EMURGO Global’s rich experience in different domains across various industries and its knowledge base to share practical insights, helping participants understand and learn contemporary complex concepts related to Blockchain.

What Makes EMURGO Academy Unique

When you choose EMURGO Academy, you choose a paragon of excellence. Along with meticulously planned courses, the delivery of the programmes makes it an enriching addition to your repertoire. When we say we are different, we mean it!

Some of the features that make us unique:


EMURGO`s one-of-its-kind Synchronized Platform for stakeholders – (Learners, Faculty, Employers & Industry) to collaborate.

Some of its salient features are:

  • Synergistic Platform for Learners, Faculties, Employers & Industry
  • E-Learning Primer
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Discussion Forums for stakeholders
  • Recorded Lectures & Learners Performance Tracking
  • Evaluation & Screening of the Learners by the Employers from the very onset


  • Curriculum devised under the guidance of CTOs / Product Heads
  • Mentoring, Assessment & Live Sessions by CXOs & thought leaders of the Blockchain Industry
  • Blended Learning Approach
  • Peer Learning
  • Real Time / Live Projects


  • Internationally aligned Curriculum
  • Global Faculty
  • R & D Advantage
  • Junior Fellowship Opportunity for Bright Minds
  • Access to Employers across the globe through Internationally Accredited Digital Certificate
  • Accelerator opportunity for Preeminent Learners


  • Assured Post-training Support and Guidance for newer versions and features
  • Customized Additional Training Sessions on Latest Versions and Upgrades
  • Cohort forum for all our stakeholders to facilitate learning through peer interaction and knowledge

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